Start simulating and find your best system !                                        Train and become a perfect player !


 This program has two main functions: SIMULATOR and TRAINER. In the case of the simulator, the user doesn’t play but the user chooses how the program should play and program will act as a player, running as many simulations as you want. With the results and statistics of the simulations, you can get an idea of what could happen if you went to a real casino and played like the one you have simulated.
   But this program is also a blackjack trainer, so you can play against the dealer, and the program will train you. When a decision is not correct the program will correct you. At the end of the game you'll get statistics showing your accuracy as a player.
   Counting cards (with indices and ace adjustment) and classic betting systems are available.


   Download Blackjack Simulator and Trainer 4.0 trial (for Microsoft Windows) (only flat betting)



 NEW: Statistics can be exported to Excel


 NEW: Version 4.0 is faster (up to 3x) than previous versions !!


 Playing algorithm optimized to increase simulation speed. 



 NEW: Standard deviation calculated to predict results and as indicator of the volatility


   Depending on the betting system used, the volatility is affected. The more volatility, the more risk but higher probability of obtaining a high gain. Now the standar deviation is calculated, in order to have a measure of the volatily and also to calculate (in some cases) the probability of obtain a gain or loss, and the expected loss or gain playing a number of hands.

 NEW: "Wizard of odds" ace-five system included !!

    Now this program includes the Ace-five system, a counting system  developed by the great gambling expert Michael Shackleford, aka "Wizard of odds". I'm very grateful to him for allowing me to include his system in the simulator.

   I highly recommend visiting his website:
















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